The Frank roadmap

We do a lot of things well, but we’re not (yet) 100% sustainable.

As a small(ish) company, we can’t yet guarantee all of our ingredients come from a sustainable source. The teas certainly do, but not all herbs do yet. That’s why from the beginning, we committed 2% of our revenues back to the farmers every year. Making sure we have measurable impact from the very beginning.

Tea is our main vehicle of impact though. These are the numbers:

By sourcing, producing, and packaging in country of origin, we add 600% more value vs other tea companies. This means more money stays in Sri Lanka vs the Netherlands
Tea pluckers on our partner plantations are guaranteed a living wage and can even earn extra if they work 5 days a week.

On top, we spent 2% of our revenues. This is how we used them so far:

In the future, these revenues can be used to help transition a group of smallholder farmers towards organic certification and much more.

Our 2% is like a foundation, but without the expensive administration costs ;-)

Here are a few other things we’re working on. We like to be as transparant as possible with you, so please hold us accountable at any moment.

Together we can put an end to the exploitation of tea farmers! #Tastethechange

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